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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update on ALL the Changs in my Life

The Only Constant Is Change

If there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that nothing remains the same. The world and everything in it is constantly changing, moving, growing, evolving. Many times change can be frightening and painful but it can also be beautiful and exciting. I think the most powerful type of change is all four.

Below is a video I made for my YouTube Channel. I haven't made many videos for my channel lately because I have been in a whirlwind of change. I'm at a very exciting point in my life right now. I feel like all of my past experiences, good and bad, have somehow given me the strength and wisdom to be the person I am today. I feel this fire inside of me which I can only describe as motivation and inspiration.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blue Pants

Colorful pants are a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit.

Winter clothing can be so dreary and monochromatic. That is why I love these pants. Blue jeans are so typical but royal blue wide-leg pants are not. They are a bit unexpected and completely chic.  Due to the cold and gloomy weather this time of year I decided to wear fleece lined leggings underneath my pants. The luxurious silky fabric would feel great on my skin in Summer but Winter is all about layers! 
One of my all time favorite layering tools for cold weather is my black faux fur vest. We met by fate! I found it in a box of clothing from a storage unit that I bought one day. It still had the tags on (along with most of the clothes) and I instantly fell in love with it! I think I love it even more because it is a size large. Lately, I like my style to have a lot of texture and dimension. This over-sized vest adds both.

I love that pointy shoes are making a come back. I think there is something so elegant about this style. The pointy toe pump is a classic. These black velvet pumps have patent trim and a bow. Totally sophisticated and totally cute!
 These bold blue pants may seem hard to pull off but in fact they are quite flattering and versatile. Here are some celebs rockin Wide-Leg Blue Pants as well.

What I'm wearing:

My jewelry, hat & shoes are from I'm Haute.com
Striped Shirt- Wet Seal
Faux Fur Vest- I have seen similar style vests on ebay.
Blue Pants- from AmiClubwear but out of stock now :-/

Friday, December 14, 2012

Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial on my recent braided bun hair style.
This style looks just as cute at the end of the day as it does at the beginning. Plus it becomes very easy after you do it the first time. If you have any questions please ask away! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Denim on Denim

 I'm really loving the denim fashions these days. In the summer my favorite denim piece was my vintage washed denim vest. I had to stop myself from wearing it with every outfit I put on! Now that the weather is colder I find myself searching for warmer denim options to fall in love with.
 Meet my new denim fave! This chambray shirt is a great wardrobe staple. I love the relaxed feminine fit and the bronze buttons. It is not big and bulky like many fall shirts are, which makes layering a whole lot easier! I much prefer to layer several smaller pieces than a few heavy ones. I tend to feel too claustrophobic under thick and restrictive layers.
A scarf is my secret weapon in Fall & Winter. Actually, I didn't even start wearing scarves until a couple of years ago. After wearing one a few times I was hooked! You never know when the weather will change or when a restaurant will be pumping the AC like it's stuck on Arctic. That is why I like to keep a scarf in my purse. Plus, scarves are a simple way to add a little bit of character and color to your look.
What I'm Wearing:
Dark Denim Hudson Jeans- Nordstroms
Chambray Shirt- Love Culture
Bronze & Rhinestone Earrings- Forever 21
Spiked Bronze Bracelet, Leopard Print Infinity Scarf & Brown Riding Boots are all from I'm Haute

Here are the specific links to those items:

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Abstract Printed Pants, Oh My!

This outfit sure attracted a lot of attention! 
As soon as I stepped outside my hotel I had a group of girls run up to me and frantically tell me how much they loved my outfit. Then, while I was waiting near Columbus Circle I had three women of various ages come up to me and gush about my look. Needless to say, I felt very over-joyed and fashionable. I like to take risks in fashion and it's the best feeling when it actually works!
 The moment I layed eyes on these abstract pants I fell in love! I instantly saw their potential and HAD TO HAVE THEM! I like that the print is not something you would see everyday. The pants are definitely loud, so I spent lots of time in my room trying on different items to see what would work.

My favorite combination was this Sheer Coral Top, Cropped Leather Jacket and Black Spiked Lita Booties. My Rose Pop Louis Vuitton Alma Bag was not my first choice of purses. However, being on vacation I had a limited selection and felt that this looked the best. The long necklace helps to maintain a long silhouette by keeping the eyes looking up and down.
 I met my friend for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We snacked on appetizers and sipped martinis in the lobby lounge. The food and my pumpkin pie martini were both pretty good but the real reason to go is the view! The lounge is on the 35th floor with huge glass windows over looking Columbus Circle. We didn't have any reservations and got seated instantly. I do recommend calling ahead if you would like to reserve a table next to the window.
What I'm wearing:
Abstract Pants, Coral Top & Booties- Sold Out :-/
Black Leather Jacket- XOXO
Pink Purse- Louis Vuitton
Black Feather Necklace- I'm Haute

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boyfriend Blazer OOTD

I Love New York! There is something so magical about a city that never sleeps. New York is so full of life and hands down one of my favorite places to visit!

 Fall in New York is gorgeous! The trees are changing color and the weather is usually perfect for walking around town. The air can have a crisp chill but you don't need to completely bundle up like you would in the Winter. I layered a grey blazer over my cozy turquoise sweater. I actually had to shed my light jacket after walking around Central Park for a few minutes. My white pants are corduroy so they were extra warm and comfy. 

Speaking of comfort, I slid some gel cushions from Target into my shoes and I highly recommend it! They made walking all day in heels bearable. To be honest, Most people were NOT wearing heels in the park. I'm a bit of a high-heels addict though... so I've stocked up on gel cushion inserts!

What I'm wearing:
Turquoise Sweater- Express
Grey Blazer- AMI
Grey & Black Distressed Booties- AMI
White Corduroys- TJ Maxx
Skull & Spikes Bracelets- I'm Haute
Black Purse with Gold Studs- Foreign Exchange

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Unicorns & Leopard Print

This outfit had me feeling peppy and carefree. All of these beautiful leaves on the ground only added to my good mood. I've always wanted to jump into a big pile of leaves like you see in the movies. After today I think I've fulfilled that desire.

 Lately, I'm all about comfort! That doesn't mean that I am going to leave my house in pajamas though! My chic alternative is an over-sized sweater and ultra soft leggings. Sweaters and leggings are a Fall & Winter staple. Trust me, you'll get so much use out of these versatile pieces.

I decided to add a little bit of edgy flair to my look with these spiked out sneaker wedges. These shoes are so rad. I'm pretty much obsessed with anything spiked right now. I think they make the unicorn sweater seem more hip and less juvenile. Let's be honest, unicorns are just too amazing to have age restrictions.

My leopard leggings are the softest leggings I've ever bought. I could seriously live in them! They are from the Material Girl collection at Macy's and only $20! I've been wanting a good pair of leopard leggings ever since I ripped my leopard tights last winter. Tear. I'm just a bit picky when it comes to animal print. I think there is a fine line between animal print looking cheap or chic. I'm very happy with the shape of the spots and the color of this print. Yay!

To complete this look I went sans contacts and rocked my new eye glasses. I've always been insecure about wearing glasses but I think these ones are pretty cute. I swear I must have tried every single pair of glasses on at the optometrists office before finding these! They are by Nicole Miller and were almost completely covered by my insurance. Score!

What I'm Wearing:
Unicorn Sweater- Macy's
Leopard Leggings- Macy's
Spiked Out Sneaker Wedges- AMI
Eye Glasses- Nicole Miller

Monday, December 3, 2012

My First Pair Of Christian Louboutins!

My shoe dreams finally came true! I've been waiting a long time to get my first pair of Loubis and I think these beauties were well worth the wait!

 I am normally a true 7.5 in US sizing. I bought these shoes in European size 38. I am obsessed with them! My only complaint is that I have wide feet and they are very narrow. I didn't notice this until after wearing them to dinner though. I will be taking them back to a Christian Louboutin Store to get stretched soon. I love them so much now I can only imagine how much better they will be when my toesies aren't squished!

  Watch the unboxing of my beautiful new shoes below!

What I'm wearing:
Leopard Coat: AmiClubwear
Studded Button Up Shirt- Foreign Exchange
Studded Clutch- Foreign Exchange
Hudson Jeans- Nordstroms
Necklace- I'm Haute
Shoes- Christian Louboutin

Gloomy & Grey OOTD

This gloomy day has me feeling grey.
Today it is finally starting to feel like Fall/Winter here in California. It seemed like the perfect day to break into that box of sweaters that I was storing in the garage over Summer. I desperately need to go shopping for some new winter clothes. Oh-Well! Here is my outfit that I managed to pull together out of some old goodies.
Pretty much my entire outfit I have acquired from working at Amiclubwear over the years. The 90’s style socks, however, are from my old days as a Hooters Girl. (sigh.)
I’m a bit of a sock hoarder (among other things). I’ve had these socks since 2005 but they are just so big and comfy I can’t part with them. I love how they look a bit like leg warmers. Even if I only wear them once every couple of years they will forever have a spot in the back corner of my drawer.
Do you have any items that you just can’t part with?

Skull & The City OOTD

What I'm wearing:
Skull Shirt, Black Pants, Beanie & Boots: AMI
Necklace: Love Culture
Purse: Foreign Exchange
Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton

Black Lace

There is something extremely sexy but also timeless about black lace. It can be classy and racy all at the same time. Lace is the perfect material for an elegant party and is trendy enough for your cities elite hot spots.
Picture from AmiClubwear.com shot By www.JosieTan.com

Save The Dates

 The Importance of Save the Dates:

 Wedding invitations are typically sent 6-8 weeks before the big day. This may sound like plenty of time for your guests to clear their schedule and make travel arrangements but for any out-of-towners this is a bit of a headache! That is where "Save the Date" announcements can come in handy! To avoid having to continually remind friends and family of your fast approaching wedding date you can send handy little reminders 4-6 months ahead of time! To save on costs you don't have to send Save the Dates to everyone on your guest list. Some brides only send these to those who will have to make travel arrangements while other brides prefer that everyone have a friendly reminder.

I chose to have a special save the date photo shoot done with the photographer who will be snapping away at my wedding. I purchased slate signs and white sharpie paint pens to make the signs with our wedding date and the words "Save the Date". It was a fun day that I got to spend with my fiance and we will forever have the gorgeous pictures.