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Monday, December 23, 2013

My Husband's 30th Birthday Mustache Bash

I threw my husband a surprise 30th birthday party over the weekend with a cute yet manly mustache theme. I lucked out in the party decor area when I found a free printable template from Printabelle, available here. I was able to download the DIY mustache themed decorations and alter the templates in photoshop to match my color scheme. I also changed the wording around for the cupcake toppers and banners since the mustache theme was catered to a little man's birthday party and my hubby is clearly a big boy!

I set up a "Mustache Station" table near the front door of the party. I made a sign that said "Grab a 'stache and join the bash" to encourage our guests to have some fun and choose their favorite mustache for the party. I wrapped color coordinated ribbon around a couple mirrors, layed sticky mustaches out on a ceramic platter and also had a box with mustaches on a stick for guests to choose from. I made the mustaches on a stick from black felt, craft sticks and a hot glue gun which were all purchased from Michael's Craft Store. I folded the felt in half, stapled it down so that it wouldn't move and then cut various mustache shapes. This is the same concept as folding a paper in half to cut a symmetrical heart that we all did as a kid. If you are a bit challenged in the craft department you can print a mustache, cut it out and use chalk to trace it onto the felt. This will take the guess work out of how to cut a mustache shape and the chalk should brush off the felt when you are done.

 This is my mustache station sign.
For very inexpensive customization of any decor you see here email printabelle@gmail.com
Print out this mustache and trace it for your mustache props.

Real Men Eat Cupcakes

The venue I chose for my husband's 30th birthday party was SPiN LA at The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. SPiN is a ping pong lounge/bar which worked out perfectly because my husband loves ping pong and had no idea that this cool spot even existed. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. The company charges a cake cutting fee of $2.50 per person but I was able to bring cupcakes at no additional charge. So clearly my husband was getting cupcakes for his 30th birthday party instead of cake but I still wanted the cupcakes to have the presence and wow factor of a fabulous cake. The customized cupcake toppers helped add that special touch as well as the banner that I photoshopped from Printabelle's template to say "Real Men Eat Cupcakes". The white cake stands came from Home Goods while the tiered cupcake stand came from Party City. Both stands helped the cupcakes take on the height and shape of a beautiful cake.

I printed these cupcake toppers on cardstock and wrote the cupcake flavors on one batch and cute birthday sayings on the second batch. I cut them out, paired them up and hot glued them onto a toothpick to create my customized cupcake toppers. 

Candy bars are very trendy party favors these days and I love them! Obviously candy is delicious but also an easy way add more color and character to the dessert table and party. Party City has a great variety of color themed candies available in store. I also found molds for mustache lollipops there for a couple dollars. The chocolate mustache lollipops were very easy to make and set rather quick in the fridge as well. They were the perfect addition to my Husband's 30th Birthday Mustache Bash! To display the homemade sweet 'staches I purchased a photo box from Michael's Craft Store for $1.60, drilled small holes for the sticks and finished it off with matching ribbon and a cute sign.

I also made a mustache themed sign for the bar that said "Wet your Whiskers".

Overall, my husband's mustache themed 30th birthday party was a success. I had fun creating all the mustache props and decorations but I was even more pleased to see how everyone else enjoyed them as well. If you're thinking of throwing a mustache bash I strongly encourage you to do so. We all had a great time and the vibe was silly and fun.

If you have any questions about how I made certain items please let me know in a comment below.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog!

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