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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pencil Skirt Chic

With the temps still soaring up into the hundreds lately I've been reaching for anything to help keep me cool. Skirts and crop tops seem like an obvious choice especially when the crop top in question has a huge heart cutout detail on the back. The occasional breeze paired with this open back design is quite pleasant and welcomed on such scorching hot days.

I wore my hot pink crop top with a lace printed high-waisted pencil skirt from Le Tote. I chose this combo to keep things classy and chic since I had to pop into the office. I absolutely adore this skirt. It is super stretchy which means it is super comfy. Making it even more perfect for this heat wave is the light and airy fabric.

I took the pop of pink a step further, literally, with my matching gold and pink single sole heels. The gold ankle detail plays up my gold jewelry and the gold studs on my crossbody bag. You may have seen this purse featured in previous posts because I carry it a lot. It is lightweight, easy to carry and can also be used as a clutch by removing the strap. I got it at Foreign Exchange about a year ago but I still see similar styles around the mall. I should probably pick one up next time I see one because I'll be sad if this bag ever gets ruined.

What I'm Wearing

Pink Heart Back Crop Top- I'm Haute
Black Lace Bralette- Wet Seal
Gold Bracelet- Michael Kors
Gold Earrings- The Icing
Lace Print Pencil Skirt- Le Tote
Black Crossbody Bag- Foreign Exchange
Pink Heels- Pink Basis

Thank you all so much for checking out my latest blog post. 

I want to take this time to apologize for not posting in awhile. 
Along with running my online fashion boutique, I'm Haute, I have taken the position as Director of Photography for a new auction company, Longfellow Auctions. Between juggling these two very important opportunities and moving into a new house I haven't had much free time. I will try to plan my schedule better so that I can make time to still do the things that I love to do. Such as creating new content and blog posts as well as making new videos for my YouTube channel. Lately I have been getting comments on my instagram asking when I will make videos again... Soon, very soon.

I love you all and cherish the love and support you guys have always given me throughout the years. Thank you for being patient during this time of change and for pushing me to keep going. 

See you soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Leather & Chiffon

Summer is my favorite time of year. I love all the vibrant color everywhere, the care-free vibes and the warm inviting weather. This outfit is the perfect option for a warm summer day. Heck, given all the luxe elements you could even dress this up with high-heels and a clutch for a night out if you wanted to. I decided to keep things casual for my day of running errands around town. If you follow me on instagram then you probably know that my hubby and I just purchased our first home together. (eek!) I couldn't be more excited but I'm also super busy with new projects and a mile long to-do list. I am an avid high-heels lover but given our war zone at the new house I opted for cute and comfy sandals instead. They really play down this look and to me they embody the summer spirit.

What I'm Wearing

Chiffon Blouse- Le Tote- Available Here
Blue Vegan Leather Shorts- I'm Haute- Available Here
White Cross-Body Bag- I'm Haute- Available Here
White Buckle Sandals- Available Here
Gold Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton

Monday, May 12, 2014

Envelope Skirt

My sweet pink mini skirt is called an envelope skirt because of it's unique zig-zag hemline that appears to be folded over like, you guessed it- an envelope! I've seen several "skorts" versions of this style but I was never really a fan of them because they looked like a skirt from the front yet shorts from the back. Admittedly those skorts reminded me of horrible outfits from my childhood which I care not to recreate. I like the clean lines of this envelope mini skirt much more and find it aesthetically pleasing and ridiculously cute!

I wanted to keep this outfit chic so I opted for classic black and white pieces with feminine flare. I scored my over-sized circle sunglasses for a few dollars on sale at Claire's a few weeks ago. They are a bit funky but I feel glamorous wearing them so who cares! They mesh well with my black and white striped blouse that is covered in flirty ruffles and my minimalistic single-sole heels.

To add a bit more glamour to my outfit I wore this gorgeous black Speedy Bandouliere 30 bag which I can't help but drool over. My first designer handbag was the classic brown monogram speedy 30 when I was nineteen. I wore that bag with pride for five years and eventually ended up selling it in very worn condition for more than half of what I originally paid for it. There are people who look at designer bags as a waste of money but I sure as heck don't! Some bags actually hold their value fairly well throughout the years. 

Before splurging on a designer handbag you should ask yourself these 6 things:

  1. Can I afford it?
  2. Will I wear this bag very often?
  3. Does it match with things in my current wardrobe?
  4. Is this a classic design that won't soon go out of style?
  5. Can I not live without this?
  6. Does this brand hold good resale value?

If you answered yes to most of  these questions then why not treat yourself to a little designer indulgence!

Also, take this into consideration: if I divide how much my first Louis Vuitton cost by the amount of days I wore it the price of owning that bag cost me less than 32 cents a day! Now if you factor in the money I got back when I sold my used speedy years later I basically paid 15 cents a day for a Louis Vuitton bag. I don't know about you but spending 15 cents a day to carry a designer handbag is totally worth it to me! Obviously this rate will be different for every bag but a good rule of thumb is to figure out how often you would seriously wear the bag and then divide the price by that number. If you can justify spending 'X' amount per time you wear it then by all means buy it.

What I'm Wearing

Pink Envelope Skirt- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black & White Striped Ruffle Blouse- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Pearl Circle Sunglasses- Claire's
Black Speedy Bandouliere 30- Louis Vuitton- Available Here
Black & White Ankle Strap Heels- Similar Here and Here