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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

My Beefcake's First Birthday Burger Smash

The above picture kills me! It is as if my baby boy is in as much disbelief as his mama. How is it even possible that my sweet 8lb 15oz bundle of joy is turning ONE today? I feel like I was still pregnant just days ago. This, without exaggeration, has been the fastest, most rewarding and joyous year of my life! It seemed appropriate that I take pictures to commemorate my sweet little baby boy turning into a courageous and curious one year old.

I thought long and hard about my son's cake smash photoshoot. I probably began imagining how he would look covered in icing and cake long before he approached his first birthday. (OK, OK, I thought about it while I was still pregnant. Don't judge me!) The closer we got to his birthday though, the further my imagination drifted from the traditional cake smash photos. I totally want my little one to have some cake while we sing him the birthday song but since I'm sure we will have plenty of those kinds of pictures from his birthday party I wanted something completely different and unique for his commemorative first birthday photoshoot.

The idea for a burger smash came to me after I saw the adorable taco smash photoshoot that went viral earlier this year. Tacos are one of my favorite foods so those pictures totally resonated with me. I wanted to eat up that adorable baby and those delicious tacos! However, Griffin is not a big fan of Mexican food. (Crazy, right?!) You know what he is obsessed with though? Yep, In N Out Burgers! In N Out is a staple in our household and baby Griffin goes crazy for their cheeseburgers and fries! I knew that stuffing his face with his favorite food would make for some seriously cute first birthday smash photos! I hope you guys agree.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and taking a look at Baby Griffin's First Birthday In-N-Out Burger Smash photos! I hope they brought you as much joy as we had getting messy with cheeseburgers and fries.

You can order the ridiculously cute In-N-Out drink cup onesie here.
The white cake stands are from Home Goods. I added matching red and white striped ribbon from Michael's to them.

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