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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Little Black Dress in New York City

Every time I visit New York I can’t help but fantasize about Carrie Bradshaw’s
 impeccable outfit choices on Sex and the City! 

This outfit definitely fueled my Carrie Fever even more. 

 I tend to wear a lot of color because I feel drab in plain black, but this sassy little black dress is far from drab! The flattering A-line cut silhouette would surely look marvelous on Miss Carrie Bradshaw and just about anyone for that matter. Black is well liked for it's slimming properties while the A-line cut is popular for it's universally flattering fit. The strappy details make this LBD feel modern and sexy. I must say, this is currently my favorite little black dress in my closet. 

 I kept the classic vibe going from head to toe with Black and White Accessories. I got my black and white Chanel cuff from the Spring 2006 Collection. As you can see, trends may come and go but classic black and white pieces will always be in style. Even my black and white polka dot earrings are practically vintage. I paid $1 for them in downtown LA almost 10 years ago and they are still cute and stylish today! My vegan snakeskin envelope clutch is the Serpentine Clutch from ImHaute.com and my fabulous and super comfy single sole wedges are from Nine West.

Alrighty, now where is Mr. Big?!

Strappy Little Black Dress- I'm Haute, Black and White Cuff- Chanel, Serpentine Envelope Clutch- I'm Haute, Black and white Single Sole Wedges- Nine West

Photography by Mark Wiggin

1 comment:

  1. Not just any little black dress... that's a HOT little black dress! Awesome style, Kassandra! I even like the wedge sandals to go with this outfit.