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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Fashion: Trench Coat and Thigh-High Boots

It is finally starting to feel like fall outside- yay! Bring on the fall fashions! 

I've been dying to wear my new trench coat from Tart Collections. I really wish you guys could feel the amazing fabric used on this perfect Fall/Winter coat! Sometimes I feel claustrophobic in big bulky coats but I hate being cold so I deal with it. This coat however, is lightweight, super soft and warm. It also has a bit of stretch that allows for easy movement, its waterproof and fits heavenly. I absolutely love all the little details like the exposed stitching, double breasted button design and luxe lining. Trench coats are a classic option for staying warm. This style has been around since the late 1800's and has seen very few changes to the original design, meaning a trench coat is a great investment because it never really goes out of style. I can already tell that this is going to be my new favorite jacket for fall/winter 2013, and probably many years to come

 I'm a big fan of layers in fall and winter. I always have a scarf on hand. It is a good idea to keep a scarf in your purse at all times, or at least your car, in case temps drop, winds kick up or you find yourself in a restaurant with the thermostat set to arctic. This black microfiber scarf is actually the first scarf I ever owned. My mom bought it for me from a kiosk in the mall in 2001. My how time flies! I've obviously owned numerous scarves since then but this one is still in my top 3. It is by far my most versatile and warm scarf. It is called an infinity scarf and can be worn countless ways due to it's unique design. Everyone, male or female, should own a nice black scarf.

What I'm Wearing:

Grey Trench Coat- Tart Collections
Black Thigh High Boots- Just Fab
Faux Fur Handbag- I'm Haute- Available Here
High-Waisted Jeans- Papaya
Black Shirt- Nasty Gal

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