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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Garden

The Autumn weather is a bit bi-polar here in Southern California. Temps can range from mid 60's to high 80's through the span of a day. This outfit is a reflection of that confusion. I've mixed some summer faves with a few fall essentials for a comfy outcome.

The thick white cardigan is perfect for the chilly mornings yet I can ditch it when things heat up in the afternoon. The floral print romper is as comfy as pajamas and as cute as a button. I love how the brown accessories tone down the girly pink and make it more appropriate for Fall. (even though the weather feels more like summer still.)

I purchased the studded moto boots from Wet Seal over the weekend. They were on Clearance for only $8!! They had them in black as well but unfortunately they did not have my size. The matching bow belt was also on Clearance at Wet Seal and only set me back about $3. I love a good bargain!

What I'm Wearing
Floral Print Romper- I've had for a couple years
White Cardigan- Macy's
Studded Bow Belt- Wet Seal
Studded Moto Boots- Wet Seal
Studded Bracelet- I'm Haute
Brown Handbag- I'm Haute

Thanks for checking out my blog!

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