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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday Brunch Outfit of the Day: Purple Chiffon Dress

Over the weekend hubby and I planned a lovely daytime date for Sunday Brunch at the Four Season's Hotel in Westlake Village. We have been talking about trying their brunch buffet for years and finally made reservations. Obviously I wanted to dress up for the special occasion! I chose this lovely purple chiffon high-low dress with acid washed denim bustier top. However, I made an amateur accessory choice. Avid buffet goers know that tight belts, especially high-waisted belts are a no-no. Oops. All I could think of was how great this silver metal plate belt looked with my silver single-sole heels and matching bracelet but halfway through brunch I definitely was wishing that I had a large purse I could discretely stuff my belt into. 
-No Such Luck-

Besides my little belt mishap, I really enjoyed this Sunday Brunch outfit. It fit right in with the elegant atmosphere of the hotel and the beautiful California weather. I also highly recommend Four Season's Brunch! It is comparable in price, selection and quality to any of the best Las Vegas Brunch Buffets. I thoroughly enjoyed everything and was amazed by all the gourmet options. They even had a live jazz band and bottomless champagne. 

What I'm Wearing:

Purple Chiffon High-Low Dress- I'm Haute- Available Here
Silver Metal Plate Belt- I'm Haute- Available Here
Silver Single-Sole Heels- I'm Haute- Available Here
Silver Bracelet- Forever 21

Photography by Lee Robinson of Snab Productions

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