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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Skater Skirt & Thigh-High Socks

I can still remember the day I fell in love with thigh-high socks. I was sitting on the living room floor watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ashley Banks entered the scene rocking an adorable 90's outfit featuring a mini skirt and the sexiest socks I'd ever seen. I secretly longed for her outfit but somehow my adolescent mind knew they were not age appropriate for a 9 year old. Luckily for me, 90's fashion is in full swing these days and thigh-high socks are fair game!

 I would normally say that most skater skirts and thigh-high socks combos are preppy but my outfit is loaded with attitude! Street chic to the max. The jacket gives a sophisticated and luxe vibe while my spiked out lita booties add some grungy edge. I love how all these elements came together and how my pink hair looked in a top bun. I normally hate my hair up but it worked well with this ensemble.

The jacket has to be my favorite piece in this outfit, well I love my Christian Louboutin bag a whole lot too but my jacket is my newest obsession. The details are just stunning. It has beautiful texture with the all-over quilting effect, vegan leather trim and gun metal zippers. Very chic and totally reminds me of something Chanel would make. Love.

Thanks so much for checking out my fashion blog!

What I'm Wearing:

Black Quilted Jacket- I'm Haute- Available Here
Teal Sweater- I've had for a few years
Black Booties- I've had for a couple years
Black Skater Skirt- Go Jane
Black Thigh-High Socks- Target
Black Farida Bowler Bag- Christian Louboutin

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