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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cute and Casual Outfit

For some reason this cute and casual outfit makes me feel all bubbly and happy. It could be that the weather is finally feeling like perfection which makes me want to jump for joy or perhaps it is the comfy flat shoes that are putting some extra pep in my step. Whatever it is, I like it. Some outfits just make you smile as soon as you slip them on. Honestly though, how could I not smile while wearing this adorable panda crop top? Life is too short to take yourself too serious all the time and it is also too short to not indulge in silly things that make you smile. New clothes, fresh juice and sunshine make me smile and seeing someone else (even a stranger) smile makes me smile as well. Life is beautiful and it is easier to see that beauty when you leave the house in a happy mindset. That is one of the reasons why I try to always put together outfits that make me feel good about myself. If you love fashion as much as I do then you know that outfits are a form of self-expression and they are an extension of your personality. Try mixing in some playful and overly happy pieces into your wardrobe and see if it doesn't boost your happiness. It may sound cheesy but since smiling is contagious and those who smile more often are happier it couldn't hurt. :)

What I'm Wearing

Panda Crop Top- I'm Haute- Available Here
White High-Waist Pants- I'm Haute- Available Here
Turquoise Boat Shoes- Wet Seal
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses- Dollar Tree
Long Gold Necklaces- Chanel

Photography by: Jason M Photographics

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