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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Midi Skirt Style

I know a lot of people who can't wait for Fall/Winter but I on the other hand am fully embracing this mild weather. We may be nearing the end of October but with temps still in the 70's & 80's I'm keeping my fuzzy sweaters packed away. Instead, I'm opting for more "transitional" pieces like this midi skirt and box top.

Transitional outfits are great for those confusing days when the weather feels a bit like all of the season's rolled into one. These days are typically really cold in the early morning and evening but come the afternoon it feels like a blissful summer day. Since the temperature
ranges so widely it is best to dress neutral. You wouldn't want to wear a sundress because you would be shivering on your way home from work. Vice versa, you would be roasting during lunch in a turtle neck.

Enter the midi skirt to make all of our lives just a little bit easier! But first, what is a midi skirt? 
A midi skirt is a skirt (duh) whose hemline hits at your mid calf... ahh the name makes so much sense now! Midi skirts come in several different shapes and look great on all sizes. If you are self-conscious of your midsection then opt for a flowing midi skirt instead and take your midi to the tailor if you're on the shorter side so that they can shorten the hemline for you a bit. Nude heels are also a great way to elongate your silhouette if you're worried about a midi skirt making you look stumpy.

I paired my midi skirt with my favorite single soled heels. Simple open heels like this are a great choice because the bare leg and foot makes your legs appear longer. I've seen some women wear booties with midi skirts but I'm not a big fan of this combo. I think that booties would fight too much for attention with the low hanging hemline of this skirt. When in doubt keep it simple.

A great feature of this black skirt is the hidden zipper down the back. This genius zipper gives you the option of a slit which makes walking a whole lot easier. I love the look and fit of this midi with the zipper completely zipped but if you need to speed walk anywhere - good luck! 

What I'm Wearing:

Snakeskin Box Top- Le Tote
Black Midi Skirt- Le Tote
Silver Single Sole Heels- I'm Haute
Silver CC Logo Necklace- Chanel
Black Watch- I'm Haute
Black Python Clutch- Christian Louboutin
Chanel Sunnies- Nordstrom

Thanks so much for checking out my midi skirt blog post!  Midi skirts are set to be a big trend this Fall and I can definitely see why. What do you think abut this trend?

Photography by: Dayne Farley

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