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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Little Lace Dress

Backless dresses are one of my favorite summertime staples. They keep you cool in the summer sun and offer an added touch of sex appeal to an otherwise sweet and typical look. If you feel comfortable and daring enough you can rock a backless dress bra-free or opt for a sticky bra from Target like I do. Sticky bras and pasties are great because they can make you feel more secure and protected in such a revealing outfit.

It was important for me to keep this look more on the casual side. The backless dress already showed quite a bit of skin and I didn't want the look to become too sexy or overdone for the daytime. I dressed down my white lace backless dress with a pair of chunky blue booties paired with a matching blue floppy hat and my indigo blue Celine Mini Luggage Bag.

My Celine bag is still one of my favorite designer purchases to date. I carry this purse all the time and it matches with way more than I could have ever imagined. It has the neutrality of blue jeans but offers a playful pop of color when paired with other neutrals.

Sometimes in the summer heat it becomes hard to find a balance between wanting to wear as little clothing as possible and wanting to be presentable. I think that this backless lace dress is a great option for such occasions. The loose and flowy fabric breathes while exposing just enough skin to be sexy yet still maintain a level of class.

What I'm Wearing

White Lace Backless Dress- I'm Haute
Blue Suede Booties- Dolce Vita- Nordstrom
Blue Suede Floppy Hat- Qrew
Indigo Blue Mini Luggage- Celine

Photography by: Specular Photography

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