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Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Fall Fashion Dream

I feel like I've fallen into a fluffy white cloud dreamland where I'm wearing a sexy, comfy & affordable fall outfit with my four-legged bestie, Lucky the Frenchie. This complete fall look can be found on AmiClubwear.com. I will put direct links at the bottom for you all!

Fall fashion is sometimes lost on Californians because we don't experience "real" seasons. I personally love the "always sunny" weather and could never imagine living anywhere else. I love to visit places with actual seasons, like New York but I appreciate being able to wear a dress in October, thank you very much! If you are somewhere in the world with typically chilly fall weather you can easily adapt this outfit to suit your needs.

This long sleeved dress is made of super soft cotton and is incredibly comfortable. Being that the material is light weight, I added a faux fur vest for additional warmth. If there is one thing I know about Fall Fashion it is: layers, layers, layers! Did I mention layers? Fall mornings and evenings are typically chilly but that midday sun can be a scorcher, which is why being able to shed or add a layer is so key.

The latest Fall Footwear Trend is cut-out boots and tall gladiator style heels that resemble cutout boots. Both styles require a nice pedicure and are bursting with major wow-factor. I've worn these beige beauties out a few times now and I'm glad that everyone else seems to love them as much as I do. I have received compliments from both men and women. What I love most about these gladiator high heels is that they are exceptionally comfortable. Beauty is pain- but not in this case.

The colors in this fall outfit are soft and muted which adds to it's elegance. Solid colors are very much on-trend lately but can sometimes feel bland. To avoid a routine solid color look there is marbling in the grey dress and faux fur vest. This slight color variation adds texture and dimension for a classy and easy-on-the-eyes finish.

What I'm Wearing

Grey Long Sleeve Dress- AmiClubwear
Faux Fur Vest- AmiClubwear
Beige Gladiator Heels- AmiClubwear

The best part about this outfit is that the entire look was just a little bit over $50! Plus each item will pair well with others and add versatility to your closet.

Photography by: Specular Photography

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