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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Boyfriend Blazer OOTD

I Love New York! There is something so magical about a city that never sleeps. New York is so full of life and hands down one of my favorite places to visit!

 Fall in New York is gorgeous! The trees are changing color and the weather is usually perfect for walking around town. The air can have a crisp chill but you don't need to completely bundle up like you would in the Winter. I layered a grey blazer over my cozy turquoise sweater. I actually had to shed my light jacket after walking around Central Park for a few minutes. My white pants are corduroy so they were extra warm and comfy. 

Speaking of comfort, I slid some gel cushions from Target into my shoes and I highly recommend it! They made walking all day in heels bearable. To be honest, Most people were NOT wearing heels in the park. I'm a bit of a high-heels addict though... so I've stocked up on gel cushion inserts!

What I'm wearing:
Turquoise Sweater- Express
Grey Blazer- AMI
Grey & Black Distressed Booties- AMI
White Corduroys- TJ Maxx
Skull & Spikes Bracelets- I'm Haute
Black Purse with Gold Studs- Foreign Exchange

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