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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Abstract Printed Pants, Oh My!

This outfit sure attracted a lot of attention! 
As soon as I stepped outside my hotel I had a group of girls run up to me and frantically tell me how much they loved my outfit. Then, while I was waiting near Columbus Circle I had three women of various ages come up to me and gush about my look. Needless to say, I felt very over-joyed and fashionable. I like to take risks in fashion and it's the best feeling when it actually works!
 The moment I layed eyes on these abstract pants I fell in love! I instantly saw their potential and HAD TO HAVE THEM! I like that the print is not something you would see everyday. The pants are definitely loud, so I spent lots of time in my room trying on different items to see what would work.

My favorite combination was this Sheer Coral Top, Cropped Leather Jacket and Black Spiked Lita Booties. My Rose Pop Louis Vuitton Alma Bag was not my first choice of purses. However, being on vacation I had a limited selection and felt that this looked the best. The long necklace helps to maintain a long silhouette by keeping the eyes looking up and down.
 I met my friend for lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We snacked on appetizers and sipped martinis in the lobby lounge. The food and my pumpkin pie martini were both pretty good but the real reason to go is the view! The lounge is on the 35th floor with huge glass windows over looking Columbus Circle. We didn't have any reservations and got seated instantly. I do recommend calling ahead if you would like to reserve a table next to the window.
What I'm wearing:
Abstract Pants, Coral Top & Booties- Sold Out :-/
Black Leather Jacket- XOXO
Pink Purse- Louis Vuitton
Black Feather Necklace- I'm Haute

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