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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Denim on Denim

 I'm really loving the denim fashions these days. In the summer my favorite denim piece was my vintage washed denim vest. I had to stop myself from wearing it with every outfit I put on! Now that the weather is colder I find myself searching for warmer denim options to fall in love with.
 Meet my new denim fave! This chambray shirt is a great wardrobe staple. I love the relaxed feminine fit and the bronze buttons. It is not big and bulky like many fall shirts are, which makes layering a whole lot easier! I much prefer to layer several smaller pieces than a few heavy ones. I tend to feel too claustrophobic under thick and restrictive layers.
A scarf is my secret weapon in Fall & Winter. Actually, I didn't even start wearing scarves until a couple of years ago. After wearing one a few times I was hooked! You never know when the weather will change or when a restaurant will be pumping the AC like it's stuck on Arctic. That is why I like to keep a scarf in my purse. Plus, scarves are a simple way to add a little bit of character and color to your look.
What I'm Wearing:
Dark Denim Hudson Jeans- Nordstroms
Chambray Shirt- Love Culture
Bronze & Rhinestone Earrings- Forever 21
Spiked Bronze Bracelet, Leopard Print Infinity Scarf & Brown Riding Boots are all from I'm Haute

Here are the specific links to those items:


  1. I know this blog post is about the denim, but I have to praise those riding boots. Those boots look amazing on you complimenting the shirt and jeans. The scarf is a good throw-on garment to compliment the rest of this look. It does add some extra character. I guess if someone thought this was mostly tough, the animal print scarf adds a girly side to this otherwise charming Fall/Autumn look.


  2. Thanks John! That's exactly what I was going for! :) I'm holding a contest to win the boots I'm wearing.... HERE