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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Flowers Romper

Ahh, it is beginning to feel like summer! You know what that means? Time for spray tans, bikinis, umbrella drinks, short dresses and even shorter rompers! You can get away with crazy short rompers because after all they are shorts and protect your lady bits from showing. Rompers are one of my latest obsessions. I've only been wearing rompers which are sometimes referred to as playsuits depending on where you reside in the world for about a year or so. I admired them on others but since I had never worn one I thought they weren't for me. Boy was I wrong! Now I'm pretty sure that I could live in rompers all summer long. They are as easy as throwing on a dress which takes the guess work out of pairing up separates for a cohesive outfit but they offer the practicality and comfort of shorts. To top it off, rompers have become so popular that you can find one suitable for just about any occasion.

The romper I'm wearing today is from my sister-in-law's fashion truck. Yes, fashion truck! Can you believe it? It is quite possibly one of the coolest ideas ever. You can check out her website here to learn more about her mobile fashion services. If you live too far for her to come to you she can ship you anything she has in stock but let's get back to this romper. Obviously floral print is a huge trend in spring and summer! With all the flowers in bloom why not rock some buds on your duds as well? This look is all sorts of cute yet still comfy and casual making it perfect for running around town, music festivals, you name it.

The low cut back is my favorite. I love showing off my back for several reasons but most of all because my husband loves it. Since typical fashion styles hide this part of our bodies an exposed back is like a special treat. 

I must admit that I am a sunblock addict! I never used to wear sunscreen and would frequent the tanning beds on a regular basis when I was younger. Oh man, think of all that damage I caused. Now that I'm creeping up on thirty (older and wiser) I'm freaked out about aging, sun damage and skin cancer. So I lather on the sunscreen and I always, always, always wear SPF on my face! A big floppy hat is just an added bonus which happens to be fashionable while preventing wrinkles.

What I'm Wearing

Floral Print Romper- Alibu Fashion Truck
Brown Floppy Hat- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Ankle Booties- H&M
Black Circle Sunglasses- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Watch- I'm Haute- Available Here

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I hope that the weather is warming up wherever you are as well. Summer if my favorite time of year. How about you? Drop me a line below to stay in touch.

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