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Friday, May 2, 2014

Neon Orange Pants

I think most people shy away from wearing such loud colors but I find it fun to embrace fashion risks. I've always been drawn to bold styles and unique pieces. When I saw these neon orange pants I instantly felt a connection and although I wasn't quite sure how I would wear them I knew I would find a way. I knew that they would match my Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton Speedy and I didn't need to know much more than that. If I fall in love with an odd fashion find and it matches one of my designer hand bags it is pretty much a done deal.

What I'm Wearing

Neon Orange Pants- Several years old
Striped Blouse- Le Tote
Blue Pointy Toe Heels- Similar here
Stephen Sprouse Speedy- Louis Vuitton
Blue Statement Necklace- The Icing
Blue Gem Bracelet- The Icing

I have had these neon orange pants for several years. I don't wear them too often but I love how I feel when I do. They make a bold statement any season and the best part about them is they are insanely comfortable. Comfort has grown more important to me over the years so I always hold on to pieces that make me feel good and feel good on. Since I don't wear these neon orange pants on a regular basis they have really held up nicely. Below you can watch a quick outfit of the day video that I featured these awesome pants in two years ago.

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