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Thursday, August 8, 2013

All White Outfit of the Day

 This outfit is perfect for the final heat waves of summer.

White is one of my favorite colors to wear in spring & summertime. It feels fresh and somewhat angelic. But the best thing about wearing white, it helps keep you cool on particularly hot days. 
The sexy back cutout on my white peplum top is big enough to allow you to enjoy the breeze (if there is any), but it is not so open that you feel too exposed. Here is the bra I wear when ever I wear anything backless. 
I love wearing my white crochet lace shorts. They are seriously so comfy and look great with most items in my closet. I love this all white outfit because it shows just enough skin to keep you cool and classy. I purchased both the white peplum top and white crochet lace shorts from www.ImHaute.com.

 Gold Metal Plated Sandals help keep this look casual chic.

Be sure to throw a tide pen in your purse! Wearing white is like asking for stains to happen, it reminds me of bread always falling butter side down on the floor. 

My entire outfit is from www.ImHaute.com

Photos by: Jason M Photographics

1 comment:

  1. Kassandra, you're working two trends beautifully here. That peplum top and those crochet shorts are lovely together. It does add an angelic touch to your outfit to wear both. I do like the sandals to go with the outfit. Amazing style by you. Love it!