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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Urban Mermaid Outfit of the Day

Just a Windy Day in My Blue Chiffon Jumpsuit

 I never thought I was the "jumpsuit kind of person". That is, until I layed eyes on this blue beauty! I would often find myself admiring similar one-piece jumpsuits on other girls. I even had several daydreams of wearing something like this. So I decided to jump out of my comfort zone and I landed in this effortlessly chic and extremely comfortable jumpsuit. I think it is safe to say that I can now consider myself as part of the jumpsuit wearing community. YAY!

I chose these matching blue shoes because I didn't want anything to take away from the beauty of this elegant blue chiffon jumpsuit. I have had these heels in my closet for years. I don't wear many blue outfits so they don't get much use. But after wearing them around Hoboken I think I might have to change that. 

I absolutely LOVE my Vintage Cartier Sunglasses from 1986! They are a classic aviator shape which never really goes out of style. The best part about these Vintage Cartier Sunglasses is that they are plated in 18k gold and the lenses are heavy duty tinted glass, not that polycarbonate plastic stuff on most glasses today.
Naturally, I have dropped them several times because I am always uncoordinated holding expensive sunglasses or phones. *gasp* Luckily for me, things were made to a higher standard in 1986. My prized Vintage Cartier Sunglasses have even withheld being stepped on without any noticeable damage.

What I'm Wearing:
Blue Chiffon Jumpsuit from www.ImHaute.com, Necklace from Forever21, Vintage Gold Cartier Sunglasses can be found on ebay, Similar Gold Bangle, Similar Michael Kors Heels from Zappos.

Photography by: Mark Wiggin

Would you wear a chiffon jumpsuit?



  1. Beautifully blue balcony blonde. Kassandra, this is a sweet jumpsuit you're wearing, and you look amazing. Blue is my favorite color after all. So I can definitely appreciate your blue style here. As always... gorgeous!


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