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Friday, August 2, 2013

Vintage Vacation Outfit of the Day

The View of New York City from the Hoboken Pier is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!

"Put A Bow On It" Sun Hat, Foreign Exchange Chiffon Blouse, Vintage vacation Wide Leg Pants, Orange Studded Purse from T.J.Maxx, Orange BCBG Wedges

Traveling is one of my most favorite hobbies. I love seeing new places, trying new cuisines and taking hours to pack because I have to try on EVERY outfit before it makes it's way into my suitcase. I'm not quite sure why I have an obsession with trying everything on before I pack it. Half the time I forget what I wanted to wear with what and I end up improvising anyways. I guess that is the fun of living out of a suitcase.

This outfit packed very well. The wide-leg pants didn't even wrinkle and the hat miraculously kept its shape in my luggage. My trick to successfully packing sun hats is to stuff  folded clothes into the head portion and keep the brim flat with clothing packed below and on top of it. I folded the chiffon blouse from foreign exchange into my I'm Haute Sun Hat along with some pairs of socks and I arrived to New York with a crisp and ready to wear sun hat!

 I have heard the wide leg pants that I am wearing called by several different names. The way someone refers to these pants really depends on where they are from. An English lady complimented me on my trousers while a New York native said, "Cool palazzo pants." I have also heard them referred to as Beach Pants, Gaucho Pants, Gauze Pants and even Culottes. Basically, all of these fashion terms refer to pants or shorts that are flowy like a skirt. These vintage inspired pants definitely have a similar look and feel to a chic and comfy maxi skirt. So comfy in fact, I wish I had more in my closet!

Photography by: Mark Wiggin


  1. You are surely haute alright... not to mention hot as well! :) I'm usually a sucker for ruffles and draping. So your top and pants surely appeal to me. Same goes for those wedge sandals. Your hairstyle is as divine as your smile. Gorgeous, sweet style. Totally awesome!


  2. Gorgeous pics!! You look stunning as always! :)