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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Motel Rocks White Playsuit

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I haven't been much of a romper or playsuit kinda of person until lately. I feel like this style has come a long way and I find myself more and more attracted to playsuits in chic fabrics.

The Motel Mary Open Back Playsuit in White Geometric Lace is definitely chic. I absolutely love the texture of the fabric they used. Typical french lace would be too sexy for this silhouette and it would also make it difficult to wear during the daytime. As it is, this playsuit is perfect for day to night wear and can easily be dressed up or down given the shoes you decide to wear. Gladiator sandals would make this open back playsuit casual enough for running errands. Throw on stilettos instead and you have yourself a fabulous little ensemble to grab a drink with the girls.
I wore a long necklace because sometimes playsuits can shorten your frame. The long necklace keeps the eye moving in an up and down motion which helps elongate your silhouette.

I wore the only white pair of heels that I had in my suitcase. They are by Quipid and I have had them for years. They are a bit stretched out now but still comfortable. When these shoes were newer I swear I probably could have run a mile in them. Thinking about this outfit now, I would prefer it paired with my nude gladiator sandals that I got from Wet Seal for $4. Nude shoes are fabulous. Even nude sandals help elongate your legs.

 The back of this white lace playsuit is the entire reason why I bought it in the first place. I'm a huge fan of open back styles. Showing off your back is extremely sexy and it's not as racy as cleavage spilling out of your top. A good rule of thumb is to only expose one of these head turning body parts at a time. The high neckline keeps this playsuit cute and fashionable. 

What I'm wearing:
 Motel Mary Open Back Playsuit in White Geometric Lace  by Motel Rocks
Coral Crystal Long Necklace by I'm Haute
Golden Bangles by Forever 21

Would you rock this open back playsuit?
By the way, this bra makes wearing backless fashions a breeze!

Photography by: Jason M Photographics

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