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Monday, November 25, 2013

Military Trend

My outfit today is loaded with texture, studs and attitude! I've always been fond of the military trend and was glad to see it make a comeback! When I say comeback, I mean HUGE comeback. It is nearly impossible to walk into a mall and not stumble across tons of army green, camouflage and utilitarian silhouettes. I salute the military trend and you should too... not all trends are easy to wear but I think you'll fall in love with the unexpected versatility of the latest military inspired fashion. 

I found my long sleeved camouflage shirt from the little boys department at target. It was on sale for $7, so I just couldn't pass it up. I often wander into the little kids sections at Target and Walmart because their stuff is so cute and cheap. Why pay $15-$20 for a shirt when you can pay half the price for the same amount of fabric in a different section of the store? I normally wear a size small in juniors and can usually fit a size XL in little girls or a size L in boys. Some of my favorite fashion finds are from the little kids section. Now you know my secret!

The easiest way to wear the military trend is to stay with a neutral pallet. There are lots of colors that can and do look great with olive green and camo but if you are unsure about what to pair your military pieces with then you should stick with classics like black, white, grey, brown, nude, etc. I wanted to dress up my super casual camouflage shirt so I layered it over a nude chiffon blouse with gold studded collar and tuxedo tail back. I then rolled my sleeves together to form nude chiffon cuffs. You can achieve this style by layering just about any long sleeved shirt over a long sleeved collared blouse. To draw even more attention to my embellished collar I wore a short gold necklace tucked underneath.

Gold studs everywhere! I added even more attitude and shine to my outfit with more gold accessories. Military inspired fashion tends to have an edgy undertone anyways, I played that up with my rocker chic accessories and pink hair don't care outlook!

What I'm Wearing:

Long Sleeved Camouflage Shirt- Little Boys Section at Target
Nude Chiffon Blouse with Studded Collar- Foreign Exchange
Black and Gold Studded Crossbody Bag- Foreign Exchange
Black Beanie- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Ripped Jeans- Machine Jean
Black and Gold LOVE Belt- Wet Seal
Gold Charm Bracelet- Nordstroms
Gold Chain Necklace- Yves Saint Laurent
Gold Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton
Gold Studded Black Boots- Red Kiss
Black Faux Fur Vest- Mono Reno

Thank you so much for checking out my military inspired outfit of the day blog!

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