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Thursday, December 12, 2013

What to buy your girlfriend for Christmas

Don't end up on the Naughty List this year! Instead, follow my tips for buying your girlfriend the perfect Christmas present!

First things first, you need to set a realistic budget. Sometimes it is nice to discuss a Christmas present budget with your girlfriend ahead of time, that way you can both set a similar price range and hopefully avoid hurt feelings. It would be a lonely Christmas if someone got an iPad and the other ended up with a Starbucks gift card. 

1. Pay Attention. Your girlfriend is most likely giving you hints about what she really wants. As women, we like to casually drop hints instead of coming right out and saying what we want. We do this for everything from what we want from you in our relationship to what we want under the Christmas tree. We expect you to pick up on these little cues because to us they are SO obvious but your brain is not wired that way. Instead you have trained your ears to tune these little hints and other various forms of annoying girl chatter out. If you really want to make a lasting impression this Christmas morning then do your best to pick up on these "foreign" hints. For a visual cheat sheet on what your girlfriend likes you can check out her Pinterest account. You can often find her Pinterst account linked to her Facebook or by doing a Google search... when all else fails, ask her best friend!

2. Picture Perfect. This tip usually works well for most women; girlfriend, mom, sister, grandma. Print up your favorite pictures of the two of you and stick them in some frames that match the decor of her room or house. If you're really looking to score some extra points then set aside aprox 2-6 hours, buy a scrap-booking kit and go crazy gluing all your memories to acid free paper! I had a boyfriend do this for me one year and now we're married! To date, it is one of my all time favorite gifts.

3. Quality Time. You can't really give someone the gift of time but you can gift them quality time spent together. You can make your girlfriend home-made "Love Coupons" that promise a back massage, home-cooked meal, etc. Or buy her something that you two can share or experience together like a Groupon for a hot new restaurant, wine tasting or something you both have never tried before like indoor skydiving!

4. Relaxation. Admit it, we all could use some pampering and your girlfriend is no exception. Show her you really care by surprising her with a pre-paid day at the spa. If you have some extra cash then show yourself some love too and book the couples massage. This is a win-win because your girlfriend will be super excited about the spa day and spending time with you... plus you get a massage. Epic win. If the piggy bank is a little low you can still give your girl some much needed R&R with a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon or stuff her stocking with just about anything from LUSH Cosmetics.

I hope I have helped you figure out what to buy your girlfriend for Christmas this year! If you have any questions or comments drop them below. Happy Holidays and Good Luck!!

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