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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chic Blue & Yellow Outfit of the Day

If I had to choose just one style to wear on the daily I'd probably go with "casual chic". I'm a girlie girl at heart but I also totally looove to be comfy, who doesn't?! To me, the main difference between casual and casual chic is the shoe game. My strappy leopard print pumps give this indigo blue and mustard yellow outfit a sexy and sophisticated finish. Switch out these heels for some riding or combat boots and the look is all casual.

I've had this mustard yellow coat for about eight years. I remember buying it from an inexpensive boutique in the mall off of the clearance rack. I wasn't looking for a mustard yellow coat and obviously not very many others were either because this bad boy was only $7. Naturally I couldn't pass it up for that price. I figured that even if I only wore it a few times that it would be worth it. Looking back now, I'm beyond happy with my purchase. I wear this unique coat at least a few times a year and for whatever reason it always makes me smile when I put it on. Maybe because I feel like a super thrifty shopper when I wear it or maybe the yellow is just a contagious shade or cheerful. Either way, I love my little $7 coat that no one wanted!

My indigo blue Celine Mini Luggage Bag has single handedly sparked my latest obsession with all things blue! I find myself only wanting to buy blue clothes, jewelry and shoes. Then I have to slap myself and remember that I will look like a smurf if I only buy blue from here on out. With that in mind, my most recent fashion purchases have been blue or neutral. Hahaha. Baby steps people, I clearly have a problem!

I was really excited when I found these leopard printed heels! First of all, I thought they were super fab and since they were in the sale section I had to peak at the price. Twelve dollars!! I did a double take to make sure I read that correctly and then quickly tried them on the make sure they were at least somewhat comfortable. Double score. They were indeed $12 and they actually fit pretty darn good. I've always thought this kind of odd but some of my cheapest shoes are the most comfortable to wear. I got no shame rockin' a designer handbag and $12 shoes!

What I'm Wearing

Mustard Yellow Coat- I've had for years
Blue Sweater- Foreign Exchange
Black Leggings- Victoria's Secret Pink
Gold Studded Cuff- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton
Blue Mini Luggage Bag- Celine
Strappy Leopard Print Heels- Love Culture

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