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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fierce LOVE

Here is my edgy take on a Valentine's Outfit. It is casual sexy with a whole lot of attitude and just a dash of cuteness. Not gonna lie, I felt like a total bad ass in this outfit. The LOVE tank is a conscious nod to Valentine's Day without being cheesy or juvenile. This is the perfect outfit for a Valentine's Date at a bar, concert event or for that anti-Valentine's Day gathering that your girlfriend's are throwing. 

Given the muscle shirt cut to my LOVE tank I decided to wear my black lace bralette from Wet Seal. This sexy little detail adds a feminine touch and takes away my fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Plus showing off a lace bralette is a whole lot better than having a standard bra hanging out of your shirt. One of my pet peeves is seeing any part of a normal bra showing. So skip that fashion faux pax and purchase some lace bralettes. You'll get plenty of use out of classic colors like black, white and nude and for some excitement you can buy one or two in your fave bright colors. Nowadays you can find very inexpensive lace bralettes in every shade of the rainbow so there is no excuse for letting your dingy everyday bra hang out. Just saying. Ok, my rant on this pet peeve is over. Carry on.

What I'm Wearing

LOVE Tank Top- I'm Haute- available here
Black Lace Bralette- Wet Seal
Black Faux Leather Pants- I'm Haute- available here
White Embossed Croc Clutch- I'm Haute- available here
Red Circle Sunglasses- I'm Haute- available here
Black Strappy High Heels- Go Jane- available here

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoyed today's post. If you have a second to check out my blogger feature and interview on The Fashion Supernova click here.

Photography by Nick Calafati

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