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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby I'm a Star: Leather Pencil Skirt Outfit

I shot these outfit pics when I was on vacation in New York. I have a major city crush on New York City. I love watching TV shows or movies that are shot in NYC because the city is just so full of life; bursting with things to do, gorgeous views and amazing culture... and tons of amazing locations to shoot pictures!

Leather fashion is in full effect for Fall & Winter 2013. You'll be seeing the typical must-haves like leather moto jackets, leather boots and purses but the real fashionistas will have unique leather options in their wardrobe repertoire. Designers have really taken leather to a whole new level this season. You will see many more feminine silhouette options to choose from this year like leather A-line dresses, leather peplum tops, leather pants and skirts. Many designers are even using animal friendly vegan leather and faux leather.

My orange leather pencil skirt is not even leather at all. It is a man-made vegan leather and comes with a much lower price tag than real leather. It is available from I'm Haute for $27.99, which I think is a steal for such a statement piece. The look, feel & fit to this vegan leather pencil skirt is top notch. There is a bit of stretch to the skirt which I love because stretch allows items to fit like they were tailored for you. This is not the type of pencil skirt that you wear to the office. This is a pencil skirt that you wear to make a fashion statement and turn heads. The color is the most perfect shade of rust orange, it reminds me of the falling leaves outside. 

I wanted to really let the pencil skirt be the focal point of this outfit so I kept my additional pieces, for the most part, solid white.This skirt was practically made for a crop top so I chose this timeless white chiffon and lace number. These items are both made of a luxe fabric in a solid color which helps them compliment each other. I like that just the slightest amount of midriff shows which really highlights the scalloped lace edge of the crop top and the tailored waist finish of the pencil skirt.

For accessories I am wearing my white Betsy Johnson watch that a good friend gave me for my birthday last year. It is my favorite watch that I own. I am carrying my White Multi-Color Monogram Louis Vuitton Courtney Clutch. Classic white pumps finish off my look. I actually need a new pair of white pumps, I've had these ones for three to four years and they've seen better day. They are just so comfortable that I'm reluctant to part with them.

What I'm Wearing:

I'm A Star Vegan Leather Pencil Skirt- I'm Haute- available here
White Chiffon & Lace Crop Top- I'm Haute- available here
White and Gold Watch- Betsy Johnson
White Multi-Color Monogram Courtney Clutch- Louis Vuitton
White Peep Toe Pumps- Quipid

Photography by: Mark Wiggin

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