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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall in Love with Color

Mixing textures and hues for a fun California Fall Outfit 

I can't believe that it is October already. I keep seeing pictures of scarves and boots and I'm longing to get bundled up in some true fall fashions. However, the California weather has a different plan. I can't complain too much, summer is my favorite season so who am I to hurry up the mild west coast seasons? Fall weather will eventually be in full swing and I'll have plenty of time to bundle up.

Some of my favorite things about fall fashion are the rich colors and fabrics. Knits are my favorite to wear because I'm almost always cold and love to be comfy. I got this coral knitted tank top a couple weeks ago from TartCollections and have been dying to wear it! It is actually a rather transitional piece. It works great as a bikini cover-up in summertime and can help add warmth via layering in fall and winter. I layered it over my trusty lime green dress that I have had for seven years. Which just goes to prove that certain items never really go out of style.

This classic dress has a bit of a retro vibe. It is a blend of soft and light sweater fabric, pleated silk chiffon and hand-sewn bead trim. Green is projected to be the "it color" this season so I figured that I better ease myself into this trend. My closet doesn't have very many green options, which could be one of the reasons I've held onto this muted lime green dress for so long. Certain greens can be rather hard to pull off but the muted almost pastel shade of this dress is easy on the eyes and easily paired with other colors.
The open knitted tank looks great over this lime green dress because it is a muted shade as well. They complement each other because they both feature solid dusty hues. For added bonus perfect for fall, this combination is super rich in texture.

I added even more color to this ensemble through my accessories and shoes. I've always loved lime green and turquoise together. You could just as easily finish this look off with nude shoes and a long gold necklace. As it happens, I just threw my nude shoes away and haven’t yet found a replacement. They were faux suede and scuffed to the nines! I’m super OK with all the color going on here anyways. Fall fashion can have the tendency to get bland and monochromatic which definitely can’t be said about this colorful outfit!

What I'm Wearing:

Coral Knit High-Low Top- Tart Collections
Lime Green Dress- mine since 2006
Turquoise Jewelry- I'm Haute
Turquoise Heels- Quipid

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