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Monday, October 7, 2013

Majestic Dreams: Unicorn Dress & Flower Crown

My version of boho chic.

 This weekend the winds were crazy! I was supposed to go skydiving with my mom on Saturday but the winds were so bad that it got canceled. I was super scared about jumping and actually very relieved that I had at least one more day to live. I figured since it could be my last full day on earth I might as well look cute!

I met up with my mom for breakfast in the valley, it was super windy but almost 90 degrees out! This outfit was perfection. The flower crown (which I make and sell on my site here) kept my locks from flying all over the place and I brought a super light cardigan because when the winds would get to kickin' it was actually pretty chilly. The amazing unicorn dress I'm wearing is my latest obsession! I guess it's not even an actual unicorn but it kinda looks like one and definitely has the same magical vibe of a unicorn. Plus unicorn dress sounds a whole lot better than "magical hornless horse dress"- just sayin.

I got all of my accessories on sale. I found this amazing finger length rhinestone ring on the sale rack at H&M two weeks ago. Everything on sale was buy one get one free- twist my arm! So I got this ring and another finger length ring for a total of $5! I love deals! I got these black cat-eye sunglasses from the sale section as well, via Nasty Gal. I thought the bird embellishments were cool and unique and for $8 I thought they made a great addition to my eye wear collection. 

My shoes I've had forever. There used to be this discount shoe store by my house called footsies. You could buy one pair of shoes for $15, three pairs of shoes for $25 or six pairs of shoes for $40. It was a rather addictive store to say the least. Sadly, they've been out of business for quite some time now (can't imagine why with prices so low -sarcasm) but I still have a few jewels that I have hung onto over the years. These strappy white faux snakeskin heels are one of my favorites and I love how they tie in the flower crown and white horse- eh hem... unicorn. ;)

What I'm Wearing
"Majestic Dreams" Horse Print Dress- I'm Haute
Silver Spiked Cuff Bracelet- I'm Haute
Mint Cardigan- Papaya Outlet
White Strappy Faux Snakeskin Heels- I've had for 6-7 years
"Soar Shades" Black Cat-eye Sunglasses- Nasty Gal
Finger Length Rhinestone Ring- H&M
Black Lace Bralette- Wet Seal

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