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Friday, October 4, 2013

Blue Pants Outfit

Life is too short to wear boring clothes.

These lovely royal blue wide leg pants have been hanging in my closet for quite some time now. They don't get regular wear but they are just too awesome to part with. I bring them out on special days when I'm feeling bold and craving something super chic. Luckily for these bright blue pants I was feeling fashion frisky this morning! My package had come in from Nasty Gal yesterday and this black criss-cross back bodysuit was among the goodies. It seemed like the perfect match for my trusty high-waisted blue pants. 

 Normally these royal blue pants steal the show but they've never been paired with such a sexy top before. I love how well these pieces mesh together and create a chic but sexy outfit that can be worn just about anywhere. This is a great Friday outfit because you can wear the black blazer all day at work and then ditch it at 5pm for drinks with the girls. Guys love open back styles so hopefully you won't be paying for too many of those cocktails yourself, not that you couldn't but those new Jimmy Choo's aren't gonna buy themselves!

What I'm Wearing
Black Criss-Cross Back Bodysuit- Nasty Gal
Black Blazer- Papaya
Gold Statement Necklace- Mine
Wideleg Blue Pants- Mine
Gold Spiked Cuff Bracelet- I'm Haute
Black Belt with Gold Crosses- Wet Seal
Black Single Sole Heels with Gold Plate- I'm Haute 
Black and White Colorblock Purse- I'm Haute

 To see my post from last year featuring these same blue pants click here.

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