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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Yellow Moto Jacket & Leopard Print

I guess I'm a bit spoiled by the So Cal weather... I can and do wear maxi dresses year round. My obsession with maxi dresses is deep rooted in their comfort. To me, maxi dresses are as comfy as my favorite pajamas but way more socially acceptable and fashionable. For this beautiful fall day I topped off my leopard print maxi dress with a fun vegan leather moto jacket in bright yellow. The leaves on the trees are just starting to change colors and coincidentally they match my outfit perfectly! (I'm easily amused) My yellow ruffle peep toe booties have been in closet for a few years. I absolutely adore them but they are rather difficult to wear because they are not a common yellow. I have bought several yellow items in hopes that they would match these cute shoes but to no avail. When I recently got my yellow moto jacket I had no grand expectations of these difficult shoes matching. My booties are not really the exact same color as my yellow moto jacket but they are pretty darn close! So I just went for it.

Tips for wearing a Maxi Dress in Fall:

  • Stay away from colors and patterns that scream summertime. Bright florals and beachy prints are better kept for warmer weather. Animal prints, stripes and darker hues are fair game for fall.
  • If the weather is really chilly layer a pair of fleece lined leggings underneath your maxi dress. Make sure you pull them up so that your dress hides the bottom of the leggings. You'll be warm and toasty and no one will be the wiser.
  • Top off your maxi dress with a fall staple like a leather jacket or cropped blazer for added warmth. You can even through on your favorite scarf. 
  • These boots were made for walking... boots and maxi dresses are great for fall. Try flat riding boots, combat boots or cowboy boots for a casual feel. To dress up you look reach for a pair of high-heeled booties.

What I'm Wearing:

Yellow Moto Jacket- I'm Haute- Available Here
Leopard Print Maxi Dress- I'm Haute- Available Here
Silver Skull Hand Chain- I'm Haute- Available Here
Silver Chandelier Earrings- I'm Haute- Available Here
Yellow Shoes- Quipid

Photography by Lee Robinson of Snab Productions

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