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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pink Hair Don't Care!

I'm loving my bright pink locks and sultry outfit of the day!

Above you can see the products I used to dye my hair pink. This is my second run with pink hair in less than a year. I did it for my birthday in March and absolutely loved it! The upkeep however, is horrible!! The maintenance for pink hair makes having blonde hair seem like a walk in the park but if you want to try a crazy unnatural color and your job permits this fun loving experiment then by all means you should totally do it! Surprisingly, the commitment involved in dying your hair pink is rather low if you already have light hair. You can simply apply the semi-permanent color of your choice directly to blonde hair, enjoy it for a little while and you can be completely back to blonde in 3-7 washes depending on your hair. Unfortunately, if you have dark hair it is a bit more of a hassle. You will have to first lighten your do and then apply the rainbow color and once it rinses out you are left with processed light hair instead of your natural dark shade. For really dark hair I recommend heading to your trusted hairstylist and letting a professional take care of the lightening process. I have heard way too many horror stories from girls trying to bleach their hair by themselves and ending up with fried or broken off hair. Once a pro brings your dark hair to a very light blonde (this may take more than one appoitment) you can easily apply the pink hair dye (or whichever shade you fancy) at home. I purchased Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in Party Time Pink from Sally's Beauty Supply for $5.99. I used 1.5 bottles and saved the half bottle for touch-ups since the color fades so quickly. Here is a direct link to the pink hair dye I used. In the past I also tried Manic Panic and Ion Color Brilliance. Manic Panic was great but I wasn't a big fan of the Ion Color. I felt like it dried my hair out more than the other products.

Leather & Louboutins Outfit of the Day

My "Party Time Pink" hair has me feeling all sassy! haha. I've had this sexy vegan leather dress hanging in my closet for months now. Something about my new pink hair made me want to wear this bad boy. Oh you know, just another typical day at the I'm Haute office! Oh yea, did I mention that we have a movie theater in our building? Totally random and totally amazing! :) I worked all day like a boss in my killer outfit and at six I decided I should probably take pics to share my new look with you all... I SO forgot that it is pitch black by 5pm now and as soon as I stepped outside with my sunglasses on I realized I didn't need them and that I needed to quickly come up with a Plan B... aka operation impromptu movie theater photoshoot. Oh, and PS- my camera broke so these pics are via my iphone. How do some people take amazing shots on an iphone?! Mine always come out blurry. :-/ Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog post, I hope you like my new hair and my outfit of the day! All shares and comments are greatly appreciated!!

Ok, can we take a second to appreciate this amazing pink purse?! This is my second Christian Louboutin handbag and I still have a crush on it! The outside is silk with intricate gatherings and features gold studded metal trim. The gold chain in removable for a hand-held clutch option and the clasp to open and close the purse is made of two tiny gold stilettos! That is by far my favorite detail of this bag. I also think the red lining is a nice touch and super sexy... matches the bottoms of my sexy spiked heels!

What I'm Wearing:

Sexy Black Vegan Leather Dress- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Chain Necklace- Yves Saint Laurent
Pink Inclusion Bangle- Louis Vuitton
Gold Bracelets- Various Brands
Pink and Gold Studded Purse- Christian Louboutin
Lady Peep 150 Spikes Lame/Strass Heels- Christian Louboutin
Pink Hair- Beyond the Zone Party Time Pink

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