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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pink Dress & Louis Vuitton Accessories

... but first some Le Tote 101

A couple weeks ago I entered a "Dogtober" fashion contest via instagram and was beyond ecstatic and shocked when I won! My prize included a 6 month membership to the new and brilliant Le Tote website and a treat for my puppy. The idea behind LeTote.com is simple yet completely genius. It is one of those ideas that leaves you thinking, "Wow, why didn't I think of that?!" 

Le Tote is the Netflix of the fashion world. For $49 a month you can have an unlimited amount of "Le Totes" sent to your doorstep. Each box contains three articles of clothing which can be anything from dresses to jackets to tops, as well as two accessories ranging from scarfs to jewelry. These items have been pre-selected by you and added to "your closet" via their website. This is great because you will only receive items that you choose, its an exciting surprise every time! Naturally, you can only have one box at a time. Once you wear everything in the box you throw it in the pre-paid and self-addressed envelope and drop it in the mail and patiently wait for your next Le Tote box to arrive! If you happen to fall completely in love with any of the items you can purchase them for keeps as well.

Here is my first outfit featuring Le Tote.

I loved the mod vibe to this colorblock shift dress but must admit that the fit was looser than I'm used to. I think that is how the style is meant to be but I felt like I was swimming in it so I tied my Louis Vuttion scarf around my waist for some definition. I had the ends of the scarf tucked in so that it looked like part of the dress but between working and eating lunch and then taking these pictures at the Boba Shop, I completely forgot to re-tuck them. I finished my look off with my favorite watch and my matching Louis Vuitton Heels and purse. Given my pink hair, this is a rather bright ensemble!

So far, my experience with Le Tote has been awesome! I'll keep you all updated with my new boxes and if you have any questions or comments please write them below.

What I'm Wearing:

Colorblock Shift Dress- Le Tote
Monogram Scarf Belt- Louis Vuitton
Sarah Multicolor Monogram Purse- Louis Vuitton
Multicolor Monogram Heels- Louis Vuitton
White and Gold Watch- Betsey Johnson

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