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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Purple Chiffon Blouse and Leopard Print Blazer

and pink hair, oh my!

When I first dyed my hair pink I felt rather limited by my wardrobe. I was afraid that color would clash with my bright pink locks so I stuck with all black outfits for the first few days. That didn't last very long! I love color, hence my colorful hair, so I've recently been experimenting with some different hues. I've found that I like how purples and blues look with my hair... and leopard print is the new black so that's always a safe "color". Haha. 

My purple chiffon blouse came in the mail from Le Tote on Tuesday. I've been thinking about what to wear it with since I received it. Just my luck, this beautiful blouse didn't look good with any of the options I was pairing it with in my head and now my bed is totally covered with clean discarded clothes. Tell me you do this too? My white skinny pants had just been washed so they were in a separate "to be hung up" pile on my bed, I slipped them on and then everything else fell into place. I love when that happens! If only it had happened sooner, I'd have less clothes to hang up later tonight... err tomorrow... ok, ok, Saturday! *don't judge me* To save yourself the mess, a good tip to remember when you're trying to make outfits from separates is that opposites attract. For the most part, you want to pair loose bottoms with tight tops and tight bottoms with loose tops. 

 My Rose Indien Mini Alma Bag doesn't match with much so I was super stoked when I saw the color of this Le Tote chiffon blouse! I swear the lighting in the Louis Vuitton store was deceiving because I remember my purse being more pink than purple. I guess Rose Indien just looks different under various types of lights because sometimes my purse even appears to be a deep red which it most certainly is not. It is a bit of a chameleon purse.

I have literally owned these leopard print heels for seven years! Leopard print never really goes out of style so I've held onto them and wear them at least a handful of times each year. They are a great and edgy alternative for nude heels and pair nicely with so many different outfits.

What I'm Wearing:

Purple Chiffon Blouse- aka the Adele Pleated Blouse by Le Tote
Leopard Print Blazer- I've had for ever
White Skinny Pants- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Octopus Necklace- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Studded Bracelet- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Logo Necklace- Chanel
Rose Indien Mini Alma Bag- Louis Vuitton
Leopard Print Heels- Delicious

I achieved my pink hair with Beyond the Zone Color Jamz, Party in Pink.

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