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Monday, December 2, 2013

My Thanksgiving Outfit

Hey everyone! So I finally got around to posting pics of my outfit of the day from Thanksgiving dinner with some of my family in San Diego. My four day holiday weekend was long and eventful... good eventful though! Not that dysfunctional sort of eventful that is often associated with holidays. I hope you all had a wonderful time with your friends and/or family as well!

I consider myself lucky because I didn't have to put much thought into choosing my Thanksgiving outfit this year. Normally I obsess and stress over finding the perfect outfit for events and special ocassions but this year my outfit was delivered to my door earlier in the week from Le Tote. I describe their subscription service in a previous blog post you can read about here. They sent me the black blazer with vegan leather trim, animal print chiffon dress and black and white earrings which paired beautifully together for a family appropriate yet still fashionable Thanksgiving outfit. I simply added a black skinny belt that came with a skirt I bought a couple years ago to define my waist and completed the look with simple single soled high heels. I also received a peplum blouse and bracelet in my tote that are not pictured.

I didn't wear the black blazer most of the day because the weather outside was gorgeous and the house was warm from all the cooking. Sometimes I will top off an outfit with a blazer or jacket of some sort for family events but this animal print chiffon dress was modest enough and totally adorable on its own! It is completely lined everywhere except the sleeves for a flirty yet still classy peep of skin. 

 The below pictures are after we all ate dinner and dessert... as you can see I ditched my belt and switched my high-heels out for a black pair of ballerina flats. The story behind my belt-less frock is rather comical. Picture this, there are about twelve of us around the table, we have all finished eating and are going around in a circle saying what we are thankful for when my belt decides that it has had enough turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and bread rolls... POP, there it goes! Yep, somehow my belt gave up when I needed it most but the show must go on and everyone is in a food coma at this point anyways. After a huge Thanksgiving dinner comfort trumps cuteness... so I threw my belt in my purse and said, "bring on the flats!"

My hubby and I enjoying the beautiful sunset. 

What I'm Wearing:

Black Blazer- Le Tote
Animla Print Chiffon Dress- Le Tote
Black and White Earrings- Le Tote
Black Single Sole Heels- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Ballerina Flats-I'm Haute- Available Here

Thanks for checking out my Thanksgiving Outfit of the Day Blog Post! I'm thankful for so many things this year, including you all!

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