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Monday, April 28, 2014

Camo & Booties

I'm rockin' the military look this Monday! Camouflage is one of those prints that goes in and out of style pretty frequently. Without fail as soon as I think, "oh camo isn't in anymore. I should just donate this or toss it", boom- The army trend comes back in full force. Has this kind of thing happened to you as well? It is safe to say that I have learned my lesson. I plan on hanging onto these cute camouflage shorts as long as they continue to fit me. Printed denim is fun, edgy and these army shorts are super comfy given their stretchy material.


I was super excited when I came across these black booties at H&M. I had been searching for a good pair of black ankle boots for almost a year. I thought these ones were perfect until I wore them with a skirt. The thread used to sew these booties together was not really thread at all and it was attacking my ankle! This thick plastic thread cut up my ankles and made it almost impossible to wear without the protection of pants. I tried cutting the ends, this did not help. I tried burning the ends, this did not help either and smelled something awful. Finally I went and got black electrical tape to cover all the sharp spots. I was relieved that I finally found a solution. Now I can wear these awesome little booties without slicing up my ankles and since the electrical tape is black you can't tell that I have tape covering the inside edges of my shoes. 

What I'm Wearing

Black Tank Top- Le Tote
High-Waist Camo Shorts- I'm Haute
Statement Earrings- The Icing
Black Booties with Gold Hardware- H&M
Black Watch- I'm Haute
Black Circle Sunglasses- I'm Haute

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pop that Haute Pink

When this little black dress arrived in the mail from Le Tote I was beyond excited. I immediately noticed the quality material and craftsmanship. Upon inspecting the tag I realized that it was French Connection. No wonder it felt like an expensive dress, it was! Well at least it was expensive to me. I usually save most of my money for my designer handbag addiction so there is little left for designer clothes and shoes. Darn. Don't get me wrong though, I love all sorts of designer fashion and would love to be dripping in labels from head to toe but that simply isn't practical. Instead I find it fun to mix pricey and penny conscious items together. In all honesty I've never owned anything French Connection so I simply could not wait to slip this baby on. Once I did I was blown away again because it fit like a glove! I felt like it was specifically tailored for my figure and I instantly began rationalizing in my head why I should purchase it. As a member of Le Tote I can buy this classic and timeless dress at a discounted price. When I think of how often I can wear it, that it will never go out of style and how great the quality is it seems like a no brainer. What do you think, should I buy this dress?

For some added fun I wore my hot pink peep-toe bow pumps which perfectly match my Louis Vuitton Rose Pop Vernis Alma Bag. This pink purse was a gift to myself in 2009 and my only regret is that I did not purchase more in this color. Louis Vuitton has not released anything in this color since then and  I really hope that they bring it back one day! I was lucky enough to snatch up the carry-on suitcase, makeup bag, ballerina flats and wooden wedges in Rose Pop but I doubt I will ever get enough of this color. The vibrant pink is such a happy color that I could stare at it for days.

What I'm Wearing

Black Pencil Dress- French Connection- c/o Le Tote
Rose Pop Vernis Alma Bag- Louis Vuitton
Hot Pink Peep-Toe Bow Pumps- Similar here and here
Long Gold & Pink Gem Necklace- Le Tote
Hot Pink Lipstick- Makeup Forever 36

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I really appreciate it! 
I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday and that your weekend is haute!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cute and Casual Outfit

For some reason this cute and casual outfit makes me feel all bubbly and happy. It could be that the weather is finally feeling like perfection which makes me want to jump for joy or perhaps it is the comfy flat shoes that are putting some extra pep in my step. Whatever it is, I like it. Some outfits just make you smile as soon as you slip them on. Honestly though, how could I not smile while wearing this adorable panda crop top? Life is too short to take yourself too serious all the time and it is also too short to not indulge in silly things that make you smile. New clothes, fresh juice and sunshine make me smile and seeing someone else (even a stranger) smile makes me smile as well. Life is beautiful and it is easier to see that beauty when you leave the house in a happy mindset. That is one of the reasons why I try to always put together outfits that make me feel good about myself. If you love fashion as much as I do then you know that outfits are a form of self-expression and they are an extension of your personality. Try mixing in some playful and overly happy pieces into your wardrobe and see if it doesn't boost your happiness. It may sound cheesy but since smiling is contagious and those who smile more often are happier it couldn't hurt. :)

What I'm Wearing

Panda Crop Top- I'm Haute- Available Here
White High-Waist Pants- I'm Haute- Available Here
Turquoise Boat Shoes- Wet Seal
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses- Dollar Tree
Long Gold Necklaces- Chanel

Photography by: Jason M Photographics

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday OOTD

Hi lovelies. Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A. Between work, my birthday and house hunting I've been quite a haute mess! I was super excited to share a really neat post with you guys that I shot on my way to Las Vegas for some birthday festivities but somehow the memory card got corrupted and the pictures are lost forever. I'm super sad about it and I have even put the memory card in four different computers hoping that the images would magically pop up. No such luck but while browsing through my laptop I came across these pics that I shot a few months ago with Vince Brosco. Not sure why I never posted them but here you go!

These nude shoes that I'm wearing have quickly turned into one of my favorite pairs of shoes! They seriously go with just about anything and the padded sole is super comfy. I love them. I originally purchased them from Go Jane but they have since sold out. You can fine similar ones here or here.

My black dress and vintage inspired tweed clutch are both from I'm Haute. I wore this purse with my Jovani dress to my 1920's birthday party as well. It is quite versatile and holds more than you would think a tiny little clutch could hold! 

I love statement earrings but often times earrings that make a bold impact are so heavy that your ear lobes are throbbing after a few hours. That's not the case with these bad boys! They are made from super lightweight material and I barely feel like I am wearing them. Translation: you can wear them all day/night. 

What I'm Wearing

Black Long Sleeve Dress- I'm Haute- Available Here 
Vintage Inspired Tweed Clutch- I'm Haute- Available Here
Nude Buckle Lucite Heels- Go Jane
Lightweight Chandelier Earrings- I'm Haute- Available Here

Photography by Vince Brosco

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My 20's themed birthday party

As my 29th birthday was approaching I began to obsess over how I should celebrate the last birthday of my 20's... and that my dear is how I decided to throw myself a 20's themed birthday party! I love to dress up and I equally love themed parties so it was a match made in birthday party heaven! 

On my invitations I wrote: 

Kassandra's roaring 20's are almost over!
So let's celebrate with food and wine,
and party like it's 1929!
Girls come dressed as a flapper.
Men please look dapper.

And just encase anyone was confused on what to wear I hinted:

Please dress for the occasion. 
Think Boardwalk Empire, The Great Gatsby, Flappers and Gangsters.

Surprisingly everyone dressed up and more importantly everyone looked great and had an awesome time. There was a whole lot of sequins, fringe and headbands for the ladies and the guys pulled out all the stops with suspenders, bow ties, vests and fedoras.

My hubby had a difficult time trying to tie his bow tie. Of course we were running (fashionably) late for the party so he tried to tie his bow tie on our party bus which for obvious reasons didn't work out very well. I give him an A for effort though because he spent about half an hour practicing the bow tie method on his leg in hopes of figuring it out to then tie on his neck... let's just say that it worked well on his leg but that didn't transfer to his neck. Luckily I bought a last minute back up bow tie that just clipped on. It wasn't as cute but it was better than having him walk around the party with a bow tie on his thigh!

The venue I chose for my 1920's themed birthday party was a Speakeasy Lounge in Hollywood called the Next Door Lounge. I stumbled upon this awesome location cruising around on Yelp one day. Not only did they have great reviews but their decor, staff attire and secret password gave my party an authentic prohibition vibe. Guests were greeted by two dapper doormen in black suits and fedoras and upon saying the special password associated with my party my guests were given free access and escorted to our table. Several of my guests commented on this special and memorable touch.

The waitresses were very friendly, attentive and decked out in flapper dresses complete with a sequin headband and feather. Come to think of it, all the staff members were extremely nice and dressed to the nines! I was surprised at how easy it was to make the reservation for my party. I called and spoke with a gentleman named Sam who took down my name and credit card info to hold our table. There would be a $200 charge if I did not cancel our party and no one showed up but there was no minimum required or deposit which is very refreshing for Hollywood!

The decor inside the Next Door Lounge is totally what I imagined a 1920's speakeasy to look like. A large room features black and white photographs hanging against exposed brick walls and is filled with rich dark woods, high leather back chairs and sofas. However, the focal point of the room is a gorgeous chandelier that hangs high above the bar.

The Next Door Lounge even had some specialty cocktails that embodied my visions of 1920's glam. My favorite was the Debutante which is served in a vintage style coupe glass. It seriously has to be the best tasting cocktail I have ever enjoyed. It is the perfect blend of Vodka, Fresh Strawberry, Lime Juice, Rosemary Simple Syrup & Honey.

My Mother-in-Law and I definitely got the shimmery dress memo! She is wearing a black and nude Sue Wong dress that is loaded with art deco style beading and finished with feather trim at the bottom. I am wearing a nude mesh dress with intricate beading, sequins and beaded fringe by Jovani, style #1380. It was purchased from Neiman Marcus but can be found at various online boutiques as well. I bought these rhinestone shoes from the Aldo Outlet the day before my party for $12!!!! They were a full size too small but since they were the last size Aldo had and went perfectly with my dress I squished my fat foot into them! I was pretty shocked when I wore them pretty much all night without dying. (I did take them off on the way home.)

I made my flapper headband myself with a hot glue gun and materials that I bought from Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Store. The materials cost me about $30 but similar headbands were selling for $80 and up on etsy so I decided to try this myself. It took me all of 10 minutes to make and I was extremely happy with how it turned out!

I ordered my cake from Gelson's the day before my party. I don't really like cake so I put this off and almost ended up without a birthday cake. Most bakeries want you to order a few days in advance but I promised to keep my design simple and they promised to have it done in time. Basically my birthday cake was just a two tiered round cake with a black band around the top layer and a row of iridescent white gumballs around the bottom layer to create a pearl effect. Upon arriving at the Next Door Lounge they took and stored my birthday cake for me. I had placed the white feather and two fresh roses in the bag with my cake but forgot to instruct them what to do with them. I was beyond pleasantly surprised when my cake came out topped off with my roses, feather and lit candles. To top off my excitement there was no cake cutting fee which most venues stick you with.

Overall, I had a great time at my 29th birthday party and highly recommend this theme to anyone! It works especially well for someone in their 20's or 30's. It was a blast to see everyone in their Great Gatsby styled outfits and I love all the pictures we got of everyone dressed up. I feel like I could not have picked a better venue if I tried and I am actually totally OK with being 29. I was freaking out the few days leading up to my party but now I feel fine. Come and talk to me after my 30th birthday and I might be singing a different tune. Hahaha.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!
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