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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Free Glasses

You may not know this about me but my vision is horrible! Most of the time I wear contacts in public because I'm a tad insecure about wearing glasses. I can remember getting made fun of as a kid in school and I guess those memories of glasses have always stuck with me. This past year my insurance covered a pair of eye glasses so I thought it was the perfect chance to get a super cute pair of glasses that I would hopefully feel comfortable wearing out and about. Eye glasses, just like sunglasses, go in and out of style with the trends. The past few years have seen a rise in the "Nerdy Chic" trend. I love this style because I have a rather large face and the larger frames actually fit. This style goes great with casual and preppy outfits making my new glasses more of a fun accessory than a mandatory instrument for vision. 

My glasses are by Nicole Miller. The style is Hudson in color Brown Horn/Gold. These particular frames were made to be sunglasses but my optometrist was able to swap out the tinted lenses for my clear prescription lenses instead. You can find just the frames for about $75 on ebay but I found a new website that is offering free glasses for new customers and they have frames almost identical to mine! (Style #SD2383) If you order the glasses without prescription or upgrades they are completely free! I'm ordering new frames just to try out and all I had to pay was $6.95 for shipping. Score. Below are some images of different styles they carry and all the info you'll need for your free pair of glasses!

Photography by: Mark Wiggin

1. New Customers get your first pair free at Firmoo.com right now! 
2. All free code eligible eyewear at that page is offered in limited quantities every day. First come, first served!
3. For new customers only. One pair per person.
4. All free frames come complete with 1.50 single vision lenses, complimentary cases, cleaning cloth and other accessories. You just need to pay shipping.
5. Full refund for dissatisfaction.

If you never tried Firmoo or bought glasses on-line, here are some tips that might help:

The virtual try-on system is a great help in choosing your favorite glasses:
1. You'll see all wearing effects by switching to the virtual try-on mode on the product list page.
2. Upload your own pictures to see how you'll look with the chosen glasses on.
3. When you move the mouse over your favorite glasses, you'll find some users wearing the pair on the right side of the page which will be a great reference.
See more real and unbiased comments from users:
1. Do people people wearing your chosen pair of glasses under the product info go with your styles?
2. Take more customers feedback for reference.

Pictures and Videos from Customers:

Click here to view more related videos on youtube.
(The above customer photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)
New Customers, check more products for your first free pair at Firmoo.com right now! You just need to pay shipping. First come, first served!
About Firmoo
Firmoo is the World's Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. We have always been committed ourselves to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at 8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store.

Let me know what style you guys get! I'm the most comfortable with my nerdy style but I'm thinking of getting something a bit more retro as well... maybe a slight cateye shape or circle frames. Also, I really like the "virtual try-on" system  that they offer. The only problem is that you REALLY need to use a straight on shot... like super straight on. Most people don't have a perfectly symmetrical face so a slight angle usually looks best in pictures. It is because I'm super aware of this fact and my features that I very rarely take a straight on picture. I had a rather difficult time trying to find a picture that would work with their program but I got it to work well enough that I had a pretty good idea of how each style would look on me. I predict that more online retailers will start using virtual programs like this.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I most several times a week so come back soon!

This was a sponsored post from 4sponsor.com with my unbised thoughts.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Military Trend

My outfit today is loaded with texture, studs and attitude! I've always been fond of the military trend and was glad to see it make a comeback! When I say comeback, I mean HUGE comeback. It is nearly impossible to walk into a mall and not stumble across tons of army green, camouflage and utilitarian silhouettes. I salute the military trend and you should too... not all trends are easy to wear but I think you'll fall in love with the unexpected versatility of the latest military inspired fashion. 

I found my long sleeved camouflage shirt from the little boys department at target. It was on sale for $7, so I just couldn't pass it up. I often wander into the little kids sections at Target and Walmart because their stuff is so cute and cheap. Why pay $15-$20 for a shirt when you can pay half the price for the same amount of fabric in a different section of the store? I normally wear a size small in juniors and can usually fit a size XL in little girls or a size L in boys. Some of my favorite fashion finds are from the little kids section. Now you know my secret!

The easiest way to wear the military trend is to stay with a neutral pallet. There are lots of colors that can and do look great with olive green and camo but if you are unsure about what to pair your military pieces with then you should stick with classics like black, white, grey, brown, nude, etc. I wanted to dress up my super casual camouflage shirt so I layered it over a nude chiffon blouse with gold studded collar and tuxedo tail back. I then rolled my sleeves together to form nude chiffon cuffs. You can achieve this style by layering just about any long sleeved shirt over a long sleeved collared blouse. To draw even more attention to my embellished collar I wore a short gold necklace tucked underneath.

Gold studs everywhere! I added even more attitude and shine to my outfit with more gold accessories. Military inspired fashion tends to have an edgy undertone anyways, I played that up with my rocker chic accessories and pink hair don't care outlook!

What I'm Wearing:

Long Sleeved Camouflage Shirt- Little Boys Section at Target
Nude Chiffon Blouse with Studded Collar- Foreign Exchange
Black and Gold Studded Crossbody Bag- Foreign Exchange
Black Beanie- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Ripped Jeans- Machine Jean
Black and Gold LOVE Belt- Wet Seal
Gold Charm Bracelet- Nordstroms
Gold Chain Necklace- Yves Saint Laurent
Gold Sunglasses- Louis Vuitton
Gold Studded Black Boots- Red Kiss
Black Faux Fur Vest- Mono Reno

Thank you so much for checking out my military inspired outfit of the day blog!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Black Outfit and Red Bottoms

I just came across these pictures from my New York trip and realized that I never posted them! I shot them with my photographer friend, Mark Wiggin some months ago. We bounced around the city taking pictures all over and this set was particularity fun because of the ever changing lights from oncoming traffic. Don't worry, we were cautious and rather protected even though it doesn't appear so. 

I love all black outfits because black is the number one color that never goes out of style or season. I don't wear all black too often because I'm a bit of a color junkie but I when I do I usually feel classic and sleek. To emphasize the gold studs on my vegan leather skater skirt I wore a few dainty gold bangles and a gold YSL chain necklace. Let's be honest though, my spiked out red bottoms stole the show. Who needs a ton of accessories when you have a super haute pair of heels?!

What I'm Wearing:

Black Lace Crop Top- I'm Haute- Available Here
Black Skater Skirt with Gold Studs- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Chain Necklace- Yves Saint Laurent
Gold Spike Lady Peep Heels- Christian Louboutin

Photography by: Mark Wiggin

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Skater Skirt & Thigh-High Socks

I can still remember the day I fell in love with thigh-high socks. I was sitting on the living room floor watching Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Ashley Banks entered the scene rocking an adorable 90's outfit featuring a mini skirt and the sexiest socks I'd ever seen. I secretly longed for her outfit but somehow my adolescent mind knew they were not age appropriate for a 9 year old. Luckily for me, 90's fashion is in full swing these days and thigh-high socks are fair game!

 I would normally say that most skater skirts and thigh-high socks combos are preppy but my outfit is loaded with attitude! Street chic to the max. The jacket gives a sophisticated and luxe vibe while my spiked out lita booties add some grungy edge. I love how all these elements came together and how my pink hair looked in a top bun. I normally hate my hair up but it worked well with this ensemble.

The jacket has to be my favorite piece in this outfit, well I love my Christian Louboutin bag a whole lot too but my jacket is my newest obsession. The details are just stunning. It has beautiful texture with the all-over quilting effect, vegan leather trim and gun metal zippers. Very chic and totally reminds me of something Chanel would make. Love.

Thanks so much for checking out my fashion blog!

What I'm Wearing:

Black Quilted Jacket- I'm Haute- Available Here
Teal Sweater- I've had for a few years
Black Booties- I've had for a couple years
Black Skater Skirt- Go Jane
Black Thigh-High Socks- Target
Black Farida Bowler Bag- Christian Louboutin

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Latest Fall Fashion Obsession

The monochrome trend has been huge in fashion this year and is still a must have for Fall/Winter 2013. Black and white seem to be the must have colors for the season. Wear them solo for a chic tonal look or combine these classic hues for high-contrast drama with a timeless undertone. For even more drama I like to pair my black and white outfits with red accessories. Black and white ensembles work well with pretty much any colored accessory you could think of. Red is my favorite accent to black and white clothing because it is so vibrant and instantly adds a touch of sexy edge that still feels sophisticated. Below you will find some of my favorites fashion picks for creating a similar black, white and red outfit.

Black and White Leggings

As I'm sure you already know, leggings are a wardrobe staple year-round and especially during fall and winter. I could practically live in leggings when it is cold outside because there is just something about cold weather that makes me want be in my pajamas all day... leggings are the next best option and way more fashionable. When it is extra chilly outside I will layer my leggings for extra warmth. I own a couple pairs of fleece lined leggings and they feel so amazing against my skin in the wintertime. Leggings can also help make your legs appear longer and leaner since they sit so close to the skin... for added effect put away those knee-high boots and reach for ankle-booties instead.

Miss New Bootie

1. Christian Louboutin Daf Bootie,  2. Kristin Cavallari Lavish Bootie,  3. Saint Laurent Bootie,  
4. Valentino Rain Boot,  5. Diane Von Furstenberg Zip-Trim Bootie,  6. Shoe Cult Impact Bootie.

Boots are everywhere in the fall and winter months... but red booties... red booties are only for the true fashionistas and fashion risk-takers of this world. You know what they say, "No risk, no reward." So go for it! Red booties are a statement shoe that you wont soon forget or regret. You can wear them with your monochomatic outifts and other neutrals like nudes and leopard print. Yes, leopard print is considered a neutral color these days and happens to be one of my faves! The perfect red bootie will also be your fave come holiday season! Add some festive color to your LBD or dress up jeans and a sweater for family time.

Red Alert: Handbags

Red handbags are eye catching and totally sexy! Carry your stuff in style this season with one of the above bags. These beautiful red handbags are on trend with their luxurious and animal friendly fabrics of faux snakeskin and quilted vegan leather. It is really hard to choose a favorite.

Top it Off!

Quite possibly the easiest option for a statement accessory is a bold red bauble! Red accessories require little commitment and usually offer lower price points than say a pair of shoes or a handbag. If you're a little nervous about trying bright red heels or a vibrant red purse then ease into this brilliant color with a red necklace, single toned clothing (think all white or all black, etc) and matching red nail polish. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Purple Chiffon Blouse and Leopard Print Blazer

and pink hair, oh my!

When I first dyed my hair pink I felt rather limited by my wardrobe. I was afraid that color would clash with my bright pink locks so I stuck with all black outfits for the first few days. That didn't last very long! I love color, hence my colorful hair, so I've recently been experimenting with some different hues. I've found that I like how purples and blues look with my hair... and leopard print is the new black so that's always a safe "color". Haha. 

My purple chiffon blouse came in the mail from Le Tote on Tuesday. I've been thinking about what to wear it with since I received it. Just my luck, this beautiful blouse didn't look good with any of the options I was pairing it with in my head and now my bed is totally covered with clean discarded clothes. Tell me you do this too? My white skinny pants had just been washed so they were in a separate "to be hung up" pile on my bed, I slipped them on and then everything else fell into place. I love when that happens! If only it had happened sooner, I'd have less clothes to hang up later tonight... err tomorrow... ok, ok, Saturday! *don't judge me* To save yourself the mess, a good tip to remember when you're trying to make outfits from separates is that opposites attract. For the most part, you want to pair loose bottoms with tight tops and tight bottoms with loose tops. 

 My Rose Indien Mini Alma Bag doesn't match with much so I was super stoked when I saw the color of this Le Tote chiffon blouse! I swear the lighting in the Louis Vuitton store was deceiving because I remember my purse being more pink than purple. I guess Rose Indien just looks different under various types of lights because sometimes my purse even appears to be a deep red which it most certainly is not. It is a bit of a chameleon purse.

I have literally owned these leopard print heels for seven years! Leopard print never really goes out of style so I've held onto them and wear them at least a handful of times each year. They are a great and edgy alternative for nude heels and pair nicely with so many different outfits.

What I'm Wearing:

Purple Chiffon Blouse- aka the Adele Pleated Blouse by Le Tote
Leopard Print Blazer- I've had for ever
White Skinny Pants- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Octopus Necklace- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Studded Bracelet- I'm Haute- Available Here
Gold Logo Necklace- Chanel
Rose Indien Mini Alma Bag- Louis Vuitton
Leopard Print Heels- Delicious

I achieved my pink hair with Beyond the Zone Color Jamz, Party in Pink.